Robert Althuis
3 min readApr 16
Vesica Piscis

I sat with grandmother last night and received the most exquisite masterclass in the Feminine nature of all of Creation.

I’ll divulge much more in the weeks ahead, but let me start with the very basics:

Every human being needs to be seen, heard, and loved.

It’s the prerequisite foundation from which any human — male, female, adult, child, or what have you — can evolve into a blissful state. Without this prerequisite being fully met, there’s simply nothing to work with and mental depression, physical depravation, and spiritual degeneration sets in.

Having said that, beyond this shared prerequisite, the Feminine and Masculine are wired vastly different, by intelligent design I might add as the Creator makes no mistakes. Her deepest core desire is to be desired, his is to be respected.

No, this doesn’t mean she doesnt need or want to be respected, or that he doesn’t need or wants to be desired. None of that.

However, you can respect the Feminine all you want, but if she doesn’t feel desired she will go barren, bone dry, and wither on the vine. She loses all her luminescence and radiance which are her natural state.

Conversely, unless respected, the Masculine has no way of feeling desired. Desire without respect means nothing to him, he will lose his innate strength and become a pitiful shadow of a man.

Here’s where I am going with all of this.

The Feminine — all of Creation — has a sacred fuel source. Starved or robbed of this fuel source, she turns bitter, stops bearing fruit, blossoms and flowers no longer, and creation comes to a grinding halt as she seeks refuge in her Kali energy.

Kali is the destructive force within the Feminine, whereas Shakti is the creative force. The wrath of Kali is an immutable force of nature, it literally obliterates everything in its path. Think hurricanes, tornados, and avalanches — it’s absolutely ruthless.

Now, women are the personified fractal of the Feminine. Every wise man knows what happens when you pour copious amounts of love, devotion, attention, care, and kindness into a woman. She lights up like a Christmas tree, goes into an orgasmic state on all levels, and starts creating all the most amazing poetry that makes Life worth living.

You see, Love and all those other beautiful things make her feel desired.

This same wise man, also knows what happens when you deprive her of her sacred fuel source. The presence of Kali energy is literally insufferable. This is what makes men retreat into solitude in the mountains with their dog to never return.

We — men — simply can’t handle it, in fact there is no way to handle it.

However, most men are not wise. They turn their back on her and thereby only flaring the flames of the intolerable Kali energy to new heights.

The answer and only antidote is very simple.

Refuel her with her sacred fuel source. Pour every last ounce of Love you have into her. Do this as if your life depended on it, as it frankly does. Kali energy takes a little bit to simmer down, but it has this remarkable tendency to suddenly — out of nowhere with no sign or indication of the attractions to come — to flip the switch.

Shakti is back in the saddle, all of Creation is back online and effervescent beauty starts oozing out of her every pore. Things start to blossom and flower again, bliss is restored in paradise, and she can’t help herself but unleash her orgasmic natural state on all she touches and multiply everything for the better by 10x.

Here’s the kicker. I am not just talking about women. I am speaking about all of Creation. The entire material world of form — including Mother Earth — functions this way.

The secret sauce and magical pixie dust is Love.

Or, shit goes bitter, barren, and plunges into despair and utter Chaos like the world we can all witness today.

To restore Order, you must Love all of her — the Feminine — with all your might.

It’s that simple. And, don’t thank me, thank grandmother.



Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of the book “Never Enoughitis.”