Robert Althuis
4 min readSep 18, 2022

The world is an inferno waiting to happen.

The kindle is plentiful and bone dry, the smallest spark can be the catalyst that burns the house down.

Tomorrow will mark a historical day in history. Not only is this royal funeral highly symbolic of the burial of the false Gods humanity has been enslaved to for millennia, it will make for a historical concentration of global world leaders, monarchies from the world over, and all the other “elite” that got tickets to make the room look full to capacity. All of this and lots of TV cameras and a global audience of bobble heads lamenting in real time whether Kate or Meghan is wearing the better hat.

Remember, the kindle is bone dry.

So, I feel compelled to share a few words of what happens when the bottom falls out as that’s a lived experience for me. I fell from grace some years back. I lost nearly all I so dutifully earned, multiplied, and hoarded and for all the millions upon millions in tuition fees I ended up paying this is the priceless gold I discovered I owned all along.

When all is seemingly lost and by that I mean money, stock portfolios, retirement accounts, power, businesses, income sources, beautiful homes, fancy cars, and all the other shiny paraphernalia that comes with worldly success we are being blessed with the opportunity to discover the Truth.

We don’t have to take this opportunity — that’s our free will choice — but refusal is in a way signing your own death warrant. You will inevitably succumb to your own misery and inner suffering and restoring the shiny stuff lost will not save you. You can try, but it’s a fool’s errand. I know, I tried.

The opportunity before you will be the raw and unadulterated Truth laid bare for you to make Love a lived experience. Love the energy that is, not love the emotion.

I am talking about the discovery — remembrance really — that Love is the animating force field of all creation. That you’re made of this magical pixie dust and that you’re fluttering around in an ocean of it.

Love is omnipresent, omnipotent, and every other “omni” our cute minds can think of.

So, should you be faced with your own inferno or find yourself living in a global one, please remember these words.

Love is the secret sauce.

Love is the answer.

Love is the only way out.

I promise you, and I am talking from experience and not textbooks, making these three sentences your mantra stuck on endless repeat during any inferno will inevitably show you the following:

1. That which you truly are, cannot be destroyed. It’s absolute and immutable to whatever shit this world throws at it.

2. That all infernos in life have an emergency exit build in. Except, it’s not some small hidden hatch that’s impossible to find. It’s those big ass doors in the front, the one with the sign above it “PASS THESE DOORS IN LOVE ONLY AND LEAVE ALL OTHER POSSESSIONS BEHIND.” Your possible inability to find these doors is your inability to let go of all worldly possessions and surrender to what is.

To no longer be owned by worldly shit is freedom, true freedom. What you think is freedom now is seeking refuge in that which is perishable. Anything that’s perishable cannot give you true freedom as it renders freedom a derivative of a condition. True freedom is absolute, it’s a derivative of nothing as it’s part and parcel of Love — they’re a package deal so to speak. Please don’t believe my words for it, just go through those big ass doors I mentioned and you will know I was not spinning a bullshit story.

3. That there’s only one Cardinal rule you need to remember and that’s The Golden Rule. “Do unto others as you wish to be done unto you.” Now, the rookie mistake is to only memorize this rule but not actually live it. Don’t be a rookie.

If any of this offends you it’s because my consciousness is rubbing up against your Ego which by default takes everything personal. That’s okay, I am not writing this to appease your prima donna mind or to keep its many veils of illusion unruffled.

I am writing this with one piercingly sharp-pointed intention, to leave you some breadcrumbs to follow whenever you find yourself face-to-face with your own very real inferno.

You can thank me later and we’ll laugh about all of it.

You got this — I promise — but please buckle up as we might hit some turbulence.

It’s that simple, truthfully.

Love & Truth,




Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of Love+Truth & Never Enoughitis