Robert Althuis
4 min readApr 17, 2023

I admit it, I am tired of the little boy BS the Andrew Tate’s of this world are serving up so I feel it’s time to pick up my pen — which is my samurai sword of choice — and start to clinically cut the festering cancerous sores out.

Now, don’t get me wrong, he actually says a lot of things that are 100% on point and should he choose to exit adolescence he could be a highly valuable voice in the conversation as Lord only knows, this man is a gifted orator.

Moreover, the whole world is a stage and the chauvinistic caricature he curated that feasts on the frustrations and insecurities of emasculated men is counter-productive to where we need to go and the conversations we should be having. In fact, it’s contrary to where we’re going so soon enough he’ll have to reinvent himself to stay relevant or fade into oblivion like so many other demagogue types that burned through their 15 minutes of fame.

At its core, what he agitates against is toxic femininity and he’s actually mostly right there, that is a venomous mean-spirited snake fueled by the immutable destructive force of Kali energy.

But, the entirety of toxic femininity is an effect to a cause. My 9-year old son knows it’s a futile endeavor to weed out the cause by working on the effect.

So, what’s the cause?

Very simple, the Feminine has been oppressed, abused, violated, raped, tortured, desecrated, and devalued since time immemorial. It should be obvious, but just because many men are of the dense and cognizant dissonant equation I’ll add by whom. Men.

Toxic femininity is a trauma response. She’s revolting because she had enough, she simply can’t bear it anymore. She’s trying to also heal herself and has made great strides, but she can’t truly as long as we — men — keep gaslighting her and robbing her of her radiance and luminescence which incidentally is her natural state.

You can’t systemically desecrate her and then blame her for feeling entitlement for wanting to be seen for her innate value and worth. Trying to suggest her only worth is her youth and her only utility is to make you sandwiches on command is not only short-sighted and hurtful, it’s blatantly asinine.

So, Andrew, drop the “b*tches” and all your other derogatory nonsense. No man has ever become more or better by putting another human being down. So, while you’re at it, please drop the “brokies” too.

Be a real man, come to her aid and help her heal. Remind her of her true worth and magnificence, praise and empower her for all the sheer poetry, intuitive wisdom, and magnanimous potential her countless inestimable contributions to humanity represent.

Just love her.

Just love her and see the most exquisite butterfly emerge from the chrysalis and let your eyes be captivated by how invaluable she truly is.

She — the Feminine, which is all of Creation of which women are merely the personified fractal — is the poetry of Life itself, the creatrix from which all worth living for is born.

I know that deep down you and every man knows this.

Be that man, building perishable fiefdoms and empires is for petulant boys with narcissistic tendencies, building a whole new world — together with her — is the worthy work of real men.

Just love her, and I am not just talking about women. Love all the compromised and vulnerable ones, all the ones that struggle and need a helping hand, love all of Creation with all its miraculous marvels, and love this beautiful planet we call home.

Just love.

It’s that simple.



P.S. #1 — One more thing, incongruence does not become a man of integrity and nobility, let alone one who claims to be a man of faith. Please, stop sleeping with women you have no intention of truly loving and then gaslight them for their body count and equate them with a used car. Who used them? Right, own your shit brother, learn to master your testosterone as you’re making a complete mockery of the entire Masculine and I, for one, am sick and tired of our “brand” getting destroyed by the male slut antics you and your copy cats advocate as something somehow being representative of a high value man. It’s not, a high value man protects her heart at all cost and would rather take a bullet than know he willfully caused her harm.

P.S. #2 — Incidentally, the entire P.S. #1 applies to the abortion debate as well. Who gets women pregnant? Right, we men do. Own your shit brothers, we have culpability in every pregnancy — own that instead of vilifying her for the effect in her uterus of which you are in fact the procuring cause.



Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of Love+Truth & Never Enoughitis