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13 min readApr 20, 2023
Artistic rendition of “Tajitsu” or Yin-Yang Symbol

Please note this is not a political opinion piece, I don’t subscribe to any political flag as the entire theatre of politics has become a circus attraction. I concern myself with the philosophy of Love+Truth only.

A few days ago I published an article on “Mammalian Biology 101” ( see also however addressing that topic is incomplete if I don’t also address the interconnected topic of human sexuality.

One of the main problems I witness in the entire gender identity and sexual preferences public debate is that it lacks any sort of framework. In the philosophy schools of ancient Greece it was well understood that without a foundation — which is to say solid structure anchored in known facts to debate from — any sort of intellectual debate exercise will end up having the coherence of a drunk debating with a person stoned out of their mind.

It will at best be mildly amusing and entertaining to the sober bystander, but it won’t solve any real problems and most likely degenerate into something fantastical that has no bearing on reality.

So, to address human sexuality we first need a framework.

According to Gallup, c. 7.2% of the US population identifies as LGBTQ of which more than half (c. 58%) or 4.2% of the US population identifies as bi-sexual. About 1 in 12 (c. 8.3%) of this LGBTQ segment of the population identifies as transgender representing a scant 0.6% of the US population.

Already we can see just in those few statistics that the woke loudspeaker is disproportionate in size to their actual representation in the US population. I am not suggesting they shouldn’t have access to the loudspeaker, but just for context consider that people identifying as Jehovah’s Witnesses at c. 0.8% exceeds those identifying as transgender.

We’re still just creating a framework so we can have a solid foundation for a proper debate, there’s no need to take offense to the statistical facts as they have no bone in this debate. They’re just facts.

Next, sexual orientation is much more an essence than a preference. Historians have found concrete evidence of homosexuality and bisexuality since time immemorial. It’s been here since the dawn of mankind. In fact, scientists have long known that animals engage in sexual behavior with individuals of the same sex as well. Over the years, scientists have discovered more than 1,500 species of wildlife that engage in some form of same-sex behavior (source: So, we can safely conclude that same-sex behavior is simply a part of Nature itself.

What it’s not however is the primary orientation, if it were procreation would come to a grinding halt, populations of species would decline and eventually vanish. So, it’s part of Nature yet represents a fringe of the sexual orientation spectrum of humanity and wildlife alike.

With the above scientific evidence we can also safely conclude that any sexual orientation other than heterosexuality is not a disease, perversion, aberration, or somehow sinful. It might be to you within your perception and ideologies, but Nature is not swayed by what you think or feel about this subject.

Now we’re starting to have the beginnings of a solid framework for an intelligent debate to take place; however, there’s one more key understanding we must get very clear on before we have set the foundation properly.

We must understand the principles of the primordial energies of this universe and how they relate to gender and sexual orientation. When I speak of the Masculine and the Feminine, I am referring to energies each of which have a distinct essence or archetype. In ancient Chinese philosophical disciplines like Taoism and Confucianism this is referred to as Yin (Feminine) and as Yang (Masculine) and the ubiquitously used Yin-Yang symbol (the “Tajitu”) is the visual representation of Yin and Yang.

The Tajitu informs us that the Feminine (black dot) is within the Masculine (white area) and the Masculine (white dot) is within the Feminine (black area). This is representative of the fact that each of us, regardless of gender, is an amalgamation of the Masculine and Feminine with each of these energies having a very distinct essence and nature.

One is not better than the other, they are complementary and in fact one completes the other. Hence, they’re each of equal value and importance yet vastly different. All of this is part of the grand architecture of all of Creation, it’s sheer poetry of the highest intelligence once you know what you’re looking at.

The immutable laws of Nature that govern this entire universe of ceaseless motion and creation are anchored in this primordial polarity of the Masculine principle and the Feminine principle. You may opt to have a different perspective or ideology, but once again Nature will not be swayed by your personal opinions.

Gender is biological in nature and so “male” and “female” are not analogous or interchangeable with the Masculine and Feminine principles — they’re vastly different things. Each human being, whether male or female, has Masculine and Feminine energies within them. So, please note when I speak of “males” or “females” I am specifically referring to biological gender, and when I use Masculine or Feminine I am referring specifically to energy (which I may call principles, essence, archetype, or what have you).

A typical male is Masculine energy dominant, but he could be Feminine energy dominant. Each female is Feminine energy dominant, but again she might be Masculine energy dominant.

With this we have completed the foundational framework to have an intellectual debate about human sexuality so let’s get started.

First, physical and emotional attraction between human beings is based on magnetism — opposites attract, literally. This magnetism is not based on gender — male or female — but is rooted in our predominant energies. Any human being, regardless of gender, with predominant Masculine energy will be attracted — by operation of the laws of physics — to a human being with predominant Feminine energy and vice versa. Gender has nothing to do with this as this is the same for any sexual orientation.

Any couple which lacks this dynamic of the magnetism between the Masculine and Feminine will have a passionless relationship. There will be little to no sexual chemistry, and they will basically go through life as roommates. No judgment, for some companionship is all they truly desire.

On the other side of this continuum is the magnetism between the highly dominant Masculine and highly dominant Feminine. The greater the dichotomy between the Masculine partner and Feminine partner, the more potent, riveting, tantalizing, and combustible the sexual chemistry will be. These couples need to add soundproof insulation and fire extinguishers to their bedroom if you know what I mean.

All of this is sexual orientation neutral in that within gay couples these principles apply in the very same way they do to heterosexual couples. So, the fact lesbians prefer to be in a love relationship with other females doesn’t change anything to this dynamic, they simply prefer females for whatever reason or no reason at all. Same for gay couples.

In fact, we all have inexplicable preferences. Tall or short, dark or lighter skin, svelte or full-figured, red-haired, black, brunette or blonde and everything in between, blue or dark eyes, witty or stoic, calm or highly energetic, spicy or bland food, music or sports or both, and the list goes on ad nauseam. Humans are funny creatures that way; we each have our unique palette of preferences on a vast array of criteria and with 8 billion people this makes for an infinite number of preferences unique to each individual.

None of us truly know why or can rationally explain our preferences, we just prefer what we prefer. This is the only sane light to view those identifying as LGBTQ — they just do. Still only a very small fraction of the overall population, but just as worthy of the unalienable rights of self-expression and the pursuit of their happiness. If that for them is being in a love relationship with someone of the same gender then there’s truly only one sensical response to that: “beautiful, you do you.”

Don’t get confused between loving and respecting others and having to like, agree, value, or appreciate others. Love and respect are every human being’s birthright — unalienable right even I would even argue — but all other perspectives of others of you must be earned. Sometimes others are so attached to their enculturated ideologies and beliefs they can’t be earned. So be it, this still gives none of us the right to impose what another should think of us as that’s infringing on their unalienable rights to have sovereignty over their perspectives and beliefs.

Where humanity is lost the most is that we can’t separate between love and respect on one side and people being agreeable to us in our perspective. In other words, we attach and hinge our love and respect to the agreeability of others in our perception of reality. This is conditional love and respect, and humanity will keep going down the treacherous dark rabbit hole of division, hate, racism, violence, and oppression until we each rise to a higher octave of consciousness where unconditional love and respect becomes accessible to each of us. In fact, at this higher octave it becomes self-evident, nothing else makes any sense.

When there’s a foundation of love and respect towards all others, agreeability proves itself to not be a prerequisite condition to create a world of peaceful and harmonious coexistence. We come to a place where we celebrate our diversity and easily recognize that while we might have a few differences, we’re actually all remarkably alike on our core desire which for human beings is to be seen, heard, and loved.

Love and respect towards all others creates the environment where everyone can be seen, heard, and loved and hence we’re back to what I concluded my article on Mammalian Biology with:

You do you, and I will do me.

There’s a few more layers though which I don’t want to be remiss in leaving out.

The first is sexual preferences. Again, we’re each different and whatever you do in the bedroom is your business provided all of it is between mutually consenting adults freely choosing to partake in whatever escapades strikes their fancy. Please spare all others your righteousness, it’s simply none of your or my business.

Having said that, there’s one cardinal rule I will and must address as a father of three. Kids are off limits. Whereas our elders have an essential anthropological role to play by passing down their earned wisdom to younger generations, kids’ essential anthropological role is to remind us of the innocence, playfulness, and joy for no reason at all — “joi d’vivre” — that we each must surrender when we enter adulthood. Kids are our crucial access point to these vital qualities of Life itself.

Prematurely introducing topics such as gender identity, sexual orientation, sexual preferences, and even deeper discussions of the heinous track record of humanity as it pertains to racism, hate, violence, oppression, etc. is robbing them of their innocence prematurely.

Virgin minds need tender teachings. Don’t worry, the harsh teachings of the nature of reality humanity has created over the last few millennia will knock on their door soon enough. Childhood however is the ideal time to inculcate love, kindness, care, respect, integrity, the value of honesty, nobility, forgiveness, concern for others, social and communication skills, and perhaps most of all emotional intelligence which is to say teach them we’re not our emotions, we have emotions and they come and go like clouds blowing by on a windy summer sky. If all of this would be inculcated from a very young age, the human depravity the Jerry Springer’s shows of the world put on display would be history.

Hence, there’s a time and place to introduce these topics which is when their bodies and neurological networks are sufficiently developed so they can actually internalize, comprehend, and apply their own sovereign critical thought to these topics. In their early developmental years — anything below 10 at least — kids predominantly function in their Theta brainwaves which is what makes them the sponges of learning that they are. Nature makes no mistakes, this is designed this way as every human baby is born helpless and cannot survive on its own. As of our first breath, we go on a learning binge by quite literally absorbing everything “fed” to our brain and the foundation of beliefs created during these early formative years stays with us for the rest of our lives.

However, this absorption occurs with virtually no filter as our sovereign critical thought capacities don’t start to truly come online until we enter puberty and really starts picking up steam later in our adolescent years and well into early adulthood. This is because we transition from being predominantly in Theta brainwaves into being predominantly in Beta and Alpha brainwaves which is the prerequisite for any sort of meaningful sovereign critical thought capacity to take shape.

If society would truly understand all the above, violent video games and all the other hideous gore which normalizes and even glorifies war, violence, killing, promiscuity, and the bizarre would be outlawed overnight. They’re sponges, what you allow them to absorb in their mushy little brains is what becomes the prevailing perspective and belief system from which they view reality and move through the world as adults.

We — humanity — wonder why the world looks and operates the way it does. The cold hard facts are that we’ve been enculturated, neurologically programmed since early childhood, and patently groomed by mass media and the entertainment industry to see the world this way, to “think” this is normal, and unless we escape these ancestral shackles of enculturation we will keep creating the same thing over and over.

My overarching point is this, kids are off limits and while we’re at it — the rising normalization of pedophilia is perhaps the most heinous and insidious form of ideology coming from the most radical fractions within the woke movement. How deep into darkness will we allow humanity to descend?

Any form of pedophilia is a psychological aberration, pedophiles or anyone advocating on their behalf need counseling and help as they’re patients and should not be allowed anywhere near children, schools, families, places of power and influence, any loudspeaker, or given any sort of stage to propagate their deeply tragic yet indefensible mental deformity.

A few more things to close out this article. Human sexuality is a very different topic from what defines a loving relationship. I purposely will not be addressing such topics as marriage, monogamy, polyamory, and whatever other sorts of variations exist. I do have my views on it and generally speaking the “you do you, and I will do me” applies here also. Nevertheless, I will share that there’s a grand architecture to all of Creation and within that design there’s what’s called the “Dyad” which is visually represented in the Vesica Piscis — an age old symbol which has its roots in sacred geometry.

All of life is a mere collection of experiences from which we learn, grow, and evolve. In that sense, there’s no relationship that is better or worse than any other. However, the very last mile (so to speak) of ascension according to all ancient spiritual wisdom traditions must be journeyed through the Dyad. The Dyad is not a mere “marriage” between two people, it’s a spiritual fusion of two souls to journey this last mile of ascension into the Godhead. The level of absolute devotion, commitment, and love to enter the Dyad is not something available to most of humanity at the prevailing levels of consciousness. But, we will all get to that Crucible in this or other lifetimes and when you do, you will simply know. Your soul will persistently whisper to you you’re ready for your final initiation. The other will find you or vice versa, and the Dyad between you two will need no words, no explanation, as it’s self-evident and known to both of you. And, while you may indulge in an exquisitely tantalizing courtship it’s superfluous as the inevitable outcome is already written in the respective soul contracts of each person.

I am talking rarified air here, a future attraction to come for most somewhere in space and time as you continue your walk down the eternal journey we’re each making into the pathless land of the spiritual realm.

So, let’s get our boots firmly planted again in the muddy soils of the Earthly plane we all share. To create the new world that’s already forming as we speak, these will be the rules of engagement humanity must embrace and rise into as it’s of a higher octave of consciousness.

1. Love and respect all others, bar none.

2. LGBTQ is a perfectly normal preference, we should honor and treat it that way and since they are still facing a great many challenges to be fully expressed in our society all of us would do well to offer our protection and support from a place of love and respect for all others. Unless everyone is free, nobody is truly free.

3. LGBTQ is also a relatively small percentage of the US population, as it pertains to all small minorities they are worthy and deserving of being represented, protected, and most of all heard. However, if you allow all small minorities to dictate, impose, or oppress all others into their preferred way of life, society will become unworkable in quick fashion, chaos will ensue and things will fall into disrepair as that’s simply not workable.

Harmony then is the operative word here as that’s the operative principal that governs all of Nature. Within harmony there’s room for all minorities to be in peaceful coexistence with larger fractions of the population whether you define that as a country like the US, a continent like Europe, or humanity in its totality. It’s a misnomer to think there’s actually a majority in any population as humanity is simply not homogeneous in its composition. You can only arrive at a majority if you measure by singular attributes, yet the reality is each human being is a unique and highly complex cocktail of countless attributes.

Finally, there’s a well-tested maxim that has stood the test of time that informs us that it’s extraordinarily difficult — if not impossible — to hate that which you have come to know and understand deeply. In the human realm, the vehicle to come to know and understand others deeply is called cultivating close relationships and friendships.

I encourage you to seek out and go out of your way to cultivate deep and meaningful friendships with those you are least familiar with. Park all your prejudices for the time being and go cross the bridge into the world of others who are of a different race, gender, religion, sexual orientation or identity, political flag, language, customs, nationality, culture, or what have you.

I did a long time ago, and I can unequivocally attest it enriched my life beyond measure.

Exploring and discovering the magnificence and richness of humanity captured within our collective diversity is one of the most mesmerizing and exhilaring journeys any of us can go on.

Most likely you’ll conclude what I did, that truthfully when you burn through all levels of enculturation and all stubborn prejudices we’re all just a prism, a reflection, of the One.

Yep, everyone you see is really you in another reflection of the Creator however or whatever you might prefer to name this Creator.

Once you see, you cannot unsee.





Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of Love+Truth & Never Enoughitis