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I was in scorching hot Vegas the last few days. No, not to gamble, I was here to meet up with a friend — let’s call her Priscella — and make some art. But, this place is fascinating and the quintessential microcosm of our matrix world.

Let me explain.

Besides the obvious that this whole place is a complete illusion, it’s literally engineered to lull you into a trance. And so the high-rollers (read: power players) and amateur gamblers (read: minions) alike flock here to go beat the system on its turf in its own game. So, here’s how that goes.

Scantily clad waitresses serve copious amounts of free alcohol but you can substitute that for any numbing agent really, alcohol just happens to be socially acceptable and sex — dressed up porn serving drinks really — sells. The house knows of course that if you can get a man’s hormones pulsing he loses his faculties, i.e. he becomes a testosterone triggered madman that will bet his life savings away just to show he’s the man. He gets lost in the daydream he’s both Brad Pitt looks wise and the Great Gatsby fortune wise. This illusion has a lot of layers you know, that’s why so few see through it.

Then, throw in some circus acts and golden oldies so there’s entertainment to fill in the off hours just to keep your mind nowhere but in the illusion. Remove all connection with nature by building a well decorated urban dungeon, light the place up like a Christmas tree so the show never stops, and throw in some quasi-legal sex trades and legalized marijuana to satisfy those that can’t be bothered to go on a proper date in real life or need an extra dose of illusion numbing amplifier.

Of course, let’s not forget the IV-drip you can order the morning after. Never mind asking yourself why you drink yourself into a pretzel to start with (escapism maybe, just a WAG) or why a hefty dose of toxic chemicals seems like a good idea to prop you up for more of the same (Pharma 🤔).

Well, let me explain, all this actually makes perfect sense, business sense that is. It’s a great idea for the house, we need to get you back at the table Sir and milk you some more. Your health or well-being? Ah, don’t worry about that, just have a good time. Here, have a cocktail and let me show you this new attraction over here so you stop asking so many questions.

Of course, both the high-rollers and amateurs think they’re here by choice and winning the game. How could they not, even the Casino staff and City officials think this is all real.

All the while, somewhere far away from Vegas a few very select incognito puppet-masters that actually own Las Vegas just finished a conference call. They unanimously agreed it would be appropriate to make a little more money so they’re now all making calls to their IT staff to tighten up the algorithms a little. Ruling this whole illusion is hard work you know, we deserve to be compensated for that! And, after all, we’re really doing God’s work here by providing all these wonderful — albeit sleepwalking — people with this highly curated stacked game full of bling, entertainment, endless buffets of anything you want but don’t really need, and of course numbing agents galore. Let me tell you a little inside joke, we like to refer to all of this as “Hotel California” when it’s just the ol’ chaps talking. You know, like in you can check out but never leave.

Yep, this whole illusion is an interesting movie to watch. And that’s really the only strategy that holds any water, you just watch this shit-show and don’t get lost in it. And if you do that, you can actually even play in it. I did, I dressed up like Elvis Friday night and took Priscella to dinner and just witnessed this whole circus around me with a big grin on my face. Life is good once you get the joke.

Hence, I am utterly useless to the incognito circle because I don’t play in their game, they even told one of their puppets to call me an anti-something and then this whole crowd in the casino started chanting it like it was the national anthem. It was a peculiar sight for sure, but I don’t really remember what exactly they called me because I stopped listening to clowns a while back.

So, here I am, leaving Las Vegas. For real though, I have a flight to catch.

Love & Truth,




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Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert Althuis is now a sought-after CEO coach, speaker, and author of the book “Never Enoughitis.”