Robert Althuis
7 min readMay 8, 2023
The Pyramid of Lust — Sex, Money, & Power

The average man toils his life away trying to pay his bills, provide for his family and live another day.

Lust will pull at him, but his preoccupation with simply staying afloat has him mostly succumb to addictions that will help him numb his mundane existence like binge watching sports, drinking, smoking, marijuana, cocaine, prescription meds, gambling, playing video games, and maybe indulging in some porn or a lap dance at the local strip club from time to time.

This all changes once a man’s ambitions and socioeconomic status rises above the corn field of average Joes and he gets a hint of what’s truly out there for the taking.

Hungry and unsatiated, this is where Lust hooks him hard, deep, and fast.

And, so, he will come to journey life’s scenic walk down the river called Lust.

At the fountainhead or spring where Lust is still just a trickle, he will find women to seduce him into his lower nature. She’s actually not the real seduction — sex is — as she’s just a means to an end. He’ll dabble in this for a while and sample the buffet whilst he’s building up his bank account.

At some point — provided his bank account grows enough and he’s sampled enough of the buffet — he’ll get bored with sex, he might even settle with one woman and if he so chooses will keep some concubines on the side for entertainment purposes.

His now healthy bank account has taught him two things already. First, that money is a far more potent aphrodisiac than sex and grants far more status; and, not unimportantly, women can simply be rented in the form of escorts which are more discrete, require zero emotional investment or maintenance, and can be selected off a menu provided your credit card will clear.

Lust is truly in charge now, or more accurately his lower nature is. Yet, this man is under the illusion he is because the world keeps telling him that he is and he’s bought the storyline hook, line, and sinker. He’s in the middle of the river of Lust now where the current is stronger and gaining ever-more strength.

Then, if and when the point comes his personal balance sheet reaches such heights that money loses it lure — Lust comes in with the kill shot: Power.

Power is the ultimate aphrodisiac, well beyond money could ever be and women — sex really — are all but insignificant at this stage as he can pretty much have whatever he wants, whenever he wants, and there’s an inexhaustible supply of escorts and drop-dead gorgeous ticket riders that will happily appease his every sexual kink.

He’s downstream in the Mississippi or Amazon river of Lust now, the river is wide here and a force of nature of its own. Lust and his lower nature have him unequivocally by the balls or in an airtight chokehold if you prefer to keep it PG.

If you want to understand men in places of Power and Influence and why they do what they do, you must understand what drives these men and how Power operates.

As George Orwell so poignantly explained: “Power is not a means; it is an end. One does not establish a dictatorship in order to safeguard a revolution; one makes the revolution in order to establish the dictatorship. The object of persecution is persecution. The object of torture is torture. The object of Power is Power.”

It makes no difference if it’s Jamie Dimon, Larry Fink, Bill Gates, Klaus Schwab, Biden, Trump, or Putin — these men, and countless others, are well beyond money and could care less about women. They’re in one game only: Power.

So, what’s the way out?

Plato gave us some helpful clues: “access to Power must be confined to those who are not in love with it” which paired with another one of his brilliant insights: “the measure of a man is what he does with Power” gives us a useful roadmap.

There’s no way out in man’s lower nature as that’s a sinkhole of Lust. Man can exhaust his Lust for sex, exhaust his Lust for money, but no amount of Power will ever be able to satiate the Lust for Power itself.

When it comes to Lust for Power, man cannot escape the river — his lower nature — by being in the river. He must rise above the river. The river will still be there and tempt him just the same as that’s the nature of the river; but, when he rises above his own lower nature he will no longer be claimed, owned, and all-consumed by it.

Above the river — the Worldly realm — is the ether which is the Heavenly or spiritual realm. In this realm, he will come to discover his exalted Masculine archetype — his Divine essence if you will — should he care to go on the inner journey to go find it.

This Divine essence cannot be trapped or corrupted by Power, fame, fortune, or applause or any of the shiny objects and trophies we concern ourselves with and deem of utmost importance in the “game Man plays” which is played out on the pitch called our Worldly realm.

Our Divine essence is concerned with one thing and one thing only — mastery in the “game Spirit plays” which is the one Infinite Game played for eternity in the Spiritual realm.

If you will, this is the game God is playing and your Divine essence is the actual “man created in his image” whereas the “man the world idolizes” is a mere shadow of the exalted Masculine. A joke of a man really, if it wasn’t such a serious matter so truthfully this man who succumbed to his Lust for Power is a bad joke on all of us.

He’s bad news also — just ask the average Joe how it feels to be the bottom turtle to this Yertle or look at all the dead turtles at Arlington Cemetery or the unfathomable number of hopeless turtles left for dead in the barren deserts of Africa and our inner cities alike.

However, there’s good news also as the immutable laws of this universe inform us that the seed of Order is already within the nucleus of Chaos and “nothing is, everything is always becoming” as Heraclitus said.

Hence, where all of this is pointing us is that we’re in a race to raise human consciousness.

Humanity rising from its lower nature into its exalted nature is all about humanity rising in consciousness. This exalted nature becomes self-evident at a higher octave of consciousness whereas it’s invisible and therefore non-existent — not “real” — for the man stuck swimming in the river. Not in the least for average Joe who’s entirely preoccupied simply not to drown today and spends most of his time and energy clawing his way up to surface daily for a breadcrumb of air.

How all of this will come to finally unravel and change is going to be a bank run of sorts, albeit likely not in the most literal sense. A bank run is triggered when the unwavering faith in the Truth of something — in the case of banks that your money is actually there and safe — is shattered and then collapses. When the faith in a bank collapses, it’s game over.

When the unwavering faith in a system collapses, it’s game over for that system. In Western civilization — and especially the US — the unwavering faith in the system of the “99%” is already shattered and now teetering on collapsing. The “1%” that has been letting their lower nature Lust for Power have a never-ending orgy of greed and corruption with the theatre of politics and big business has made one fatal chess move along the way.

In their hubris, they came to believe the system was ironclad and bulletproof and no longer needed the unwavering faith of the 99%. So, they started to see the 99% as expendable, disposable even. They awakened the sleeping tiger thinking his naïveté was without limit but turns out it wasn’t. Even those most unwavering in their faith in the system — average Joes — are starting to see a bank run now as costing them very little as they don’t have much if any money in the bank anyway and most definitely don’t benefit much from the bank or own any shares in it.

You see, you can be the 1% high and dry in your life raft fishing the river empty along the way but when enough of the 99% start to really drown, they will come for your life rafts and fish with pitchforks and machetes so to speak. When their unwavering faith finally collapses, it’s game over and your life rafts will be taken or lost in the battle for who gets them next.

It’s not too late though, there’s still time to start sharing your life rafts, start hauling people inside the boat and start throwing life vests to all those who are too weakened to climb onboard right away. Now, this sort of thinking is not available to anyone in the 1% operating from their lower nature. Operating from your exalted nature, this is self-evident as you see the reflection of yourself in everyone else drowning around you and so letting them drown feels akin to you yourself drowning with “feeling” being the operative word there. As, what’s “right to do” is something we can only feel, whereas what’s “expedient to do” is something we think when we get lost in the cobwebs of our egoic mind.

In terms of consciousness, shifting a few octaves higher is not necessarily easy as our lower nature is really sticky, but it can be done at the speed of light — literally — as our consciousness is not bound by space and time so it can be done in a single moment.

In fact, it happens in one single moment.

Once you see, you cannot unsee.





Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of Love+Truth & Never Enoughitis