Robert Althuis
3 min readApr 18
Normal Vaginal Birth

I had a big realization the other day: my complacency in the mockery of biological facts is making me complicit in the degeneration of society that’s taking place.

The mental drivel of those that conceive all this patently disingenuous nonsense is actually not the real problem as they are very few. The real problem is the complacency of the masses— me included — that tacitly condones what we deep down all know is contrary to the facts.

Let me explain.

I can pluck any random dairy farmer from our heartland and get a crystal clear understanding of mammalian biology in 5 minutes or less. The conversation would go something like this:

ME: So, in the bovine cattle you raise, which one gives birth to calfs?

FARMER: (somewhat bewildered by the question) Well, that would the cow, Sir.

ME: Got it, and this cow, how does she get pregnant in the first place?

FARMER: (even more puzzled) That would be the bull, clearly.

ME: Got it, and just so I am 100% clear, have you ever seen it any other way or any exceptions meaning have you ever seen a cow make another cow pregnant, a bull make another bull pregnant, or a cow make a bull pregnant?

FARMER: No Sir, that’s not how it works.

ME: Got it, final question and then I’ll let you go back to your cattle. Have you ever seen a bull give birth to a calf?

FARMER: Sir, with all due respect, that question makes no sense to me. How would a bull, which can’t get pregnant, ever give birth to a calf? I am a bit lost, maybe I didn’t understand your question?

ME: No, you’re not lost at all ma’am, our world is.

There it is, mammalian biology in 5 min.

You may identify however you wish, that’s entirely your prerogative. I love you and respect your freedom to do so, I truly do. But, mammalian biology is not fluid, it’s immutable.

In mammalian biology there are two genders, male and female, and I, for one, am no longer willing to be complacent — and therefore complicit — in the travesty of propagating a false narrative it’s any different for humans.

If you feel inclined to comment please rebut me only with biological facts. Nature is unswayed by how you think or feel about how she functions and operates, and for all intents and purposes I am volunteering to give her a voice so for comment purposes you may consider me Nature itself.


Order. There’s a natural Order to all things within the infinitely intelligent grand architecture of all of Creation. When you violate this divine Order, Chaos ensues and things fall into disrepair.

Enough is enough.

The already tenuously fragile social fabric of society is being stretched too close to the limits of its elasticity. Further weakening this fabric is ill-advised, doing so with a narrative rooted in biological and psychological quackery and weaponizing it with the standard issue woke tactics of shame, guilt, cancel culture, and censorship is downright insidious.

All civilizations since time immemorial found their demise through mortal self-inflicted gunshot wounds. We’ve been allowing academia hopelessly lost in the mental cobwebs of their “woke” minds and self-professed scholars to load the gun with intellectual falsehoods and academic debauchery.

Hence, we’re now playing a cultural and societal game of Russian roulette as there’s an irrefutable axiom that freedom of the unalienable rights of self-expression and sovereignty over our beliefs can never be gained by infringing on the freedom of others of these same unalienable rights.

We’re either all free, or none of us are. Hence, there is only one finite win-win solution.

You do you, and I will do me.

Best yet, this solution allows us to join hands and address the myriad of dire societal, economical, and environmental challenges we face to create a more beautiful world for all of us.

I will be complicit no longer.



Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of the book “Never Enoughitis.”