Robert Althuis
4 min readOct 14, 2022
Revelation — The beginning of something magical.

We’re not in an era of change, we’re witnessing a change of era.

For those willing to see, Falsehoods can only be kept in place by use of Force and we can see this all around us in the form of misuse and abuse of Power.

War, violence, political oppression, economic exploitation, tyranny, censorship, cancel culture, etc. are all variations of Force. They’re all drenched in fear, righteousness, and the misappropriation of Power.

And, since this universe is fractal in nature, we see this same phenomenon at all levels. Individually, within groups, nationally, and globally. Everything we see and witness is merely a mirror of what’s within all of us collectively.

To date, again at all levels, the weapon of choice has been the use of Force to combat Force. Trading oppression for oppression by changing out the ice cream flavor of righteousness.

But, as every pest controller will tell you, cockroaches don’t die from pest control. They retreat only to come back more resilient which starts the carousel of becoming indentured to pesticides. This makes the pest control business very sticky and lucrative, but it doesn’t solve anything systemically.

The pesticide drug barons in our world are our politicians, bankers, capital allocators, corporate behemoths, and a host of special interest organizations specifically assembled to pull the strings in such ways the pesticide industry continues to thrive and spit out copious amounts of silver dollars.

The pest controllers are all everyday people who mostly unbeknown to themselves enable this entire machine by dutifully trading a paycheck in exchange for keeping the engine room humming nicely.

Well, more and more sailors have been coming out of the engine room and once they got a whiff of fresh air up on deck and saw where the ship is going have decided they don’t want to go back into the engine room.

We call that the great resignation.

And, it’s starting to tip the scales. More and more don’t want to go back in the engine room, and new recruits never even want to go in in the first place.

Now we have confusion setting in. Because to be a lifelong pest controller only to find out the pesticide business is not the honorable business you thought it was is a painful realization.

To realize you have been duped, lied to, manipulated, robbed, and bamboozled in an intoxicating cocktail of Falsehoods is painful. To have been politically, economically, and culturally roofied by those you entrusted with your vote, livelihood, and well-being is to have been egregiously violated on all levels.

And, these supposedly terrible cockroaches that they told you were demonic, turns out they’re just harmless little creatures attracted to breadcrumbs called dark shadows. Bring these shadows to light and they’ll go on their merry way. No harmful pesticides required, just light.

Hence, now is no longer the time to fight Force with Force. Now is the time to alchemize and transmute all that’s not in resonance with Truth by the enlightened use of our own Powers within.

This is the organic purification process that has kicked into full gear in recent years. Our collective consciousness has been excited, souls are being stirred into awakening, and the process of cataclysmic change is now inevitable.

Don’t be fooled though or mislead by the purpose of revelation. As ugly and nasty as this process looks at face value, what’s really happening is the arduous birthing process of something better.

Something very beautiful, beyond even your wildest imagination.

But, she will not be born until enough of us purge and release all which allows the millennia-long chokehold of the pesticide industry to finally lose its grip on our shared reality.

The only antidote and known medicine is called Love & Compassion.

You and I must learn to Love all others.

To be steadfast in the conviction that at their core — the true Self — all are innocent, all are valuable, all are sacred, and all are infinitely worthy and that includes all current oppressors, tyrants, and foul players who are locked into the dark abyss of a small Self disconnected from their spark of Divinity.

Can you embody “Father, forgive them, for they do not know what they are doing?”

Because this new and beautiful magical world that is craving to be born requires that higher and more refined octave of consciousness.

It’s time to purge and release.

You may do this voluntarily or the universe will do it for you.

Either way, this new world will be born as it’s far bigger than you or I.

This not wishful thinking or some woo woo feel-good story amidst mayhem. Nope, it’s just the knowing that the caterpillar has within it the destined creation of the butterfly.

Once you see, you cannot unsee.

Love & Truth,




Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of Love+Truth & Never Enoughitis