Robert Althuis
4 min readApr 12, 2022

Double-Edged Sword

There’s comfort in the notion that science and technology will come to save us.

And, it might, it definitely has the potential to contribute greatly in helping us solve some of the greatest challenges facing humanity.

It also has the potential to enslave us and take us into rabbit holes that aren’t conducive for our well-being. In fact, we’re seeing this already.

And, the crux in all of this — as Einstein pointed at — is the level of consciousness with which we’re creating science and technology.

If consciousness is too fuzzy a word for you, please substitute with intelligence.

First, scientists will do what scientists do, they will tinker and invent with a zealous bias towards inventing technological novelties.

So, without the proper guard rails, this gets us such things like ever-more advanced weaponry so we can kill ever-more efficiently. GMO foods that are so nutrient-devoid they are a leading cause for the exponential growth in chronic illnesses we’ve seen over the last 30+ years. And, to cure these chronic illnesses yet other scientists will come up with synthetic pharmaceuticals that cover the symptoms but never address the root-cause.

We’ve invented such potent herbicides and pesticides that most of our top soil is now barren, releasing copious amounts of stored carbon into the atmosphere, deregulating small weather patterns, and depleting natural aquifers as water now runs off instead of penetrating the soil.

We blame the cows for their impact on the climate, yet these poor cows aren’t the real problem. Our overconsumption of meat and industrial livestock farming is — another human “advance” of technology.

So, we go into the lab to come up with fake meat completely ignorant of the assault these mostly GMO-laced and nutrition-poor chemical concoctions are on our health.

I can keep going, but the point is science and technology can be an exponential degenerative man-made force. And, this isn’t sci-fi, we can witness this all around today.

It’s problematic, as we keep coming up with more and more solutions that are often far worse than the problems they try to solve.

These are what you call unintelligent outcomes. Anything that’s degenerative to life itself — to our well-being — is by definition the end-product of unintelligence.

Yet, we like to think our scientists and technology geniuses are the most intelligent among us. Some are, but too many are geniuses producing highly unintelligent outcomes.

You see, there’s mindful and then there’s heartful. To create truly intelligent outcomes — those that are conducive to life and humanity’s greatest well-being — you need both.

Heartful is the intelligence of the heart, the intelligence that should be the master so the mind can be in service as the beautiful instrument it’s designed to be.

The heart is our portal to the intelligence of life itself, that which governs all of creation. Except, the intelligence of the heart can only be accessed when we master the language of the heart which is feeling, sensing, knowing, and intuiting. This is a far deeper and more expansive intelligence than our finite mind can produce as our mind — our neocortex— is limited to logic which gets us stuck at the level of reductionist thinking.

To paraphrase Einstein a bit more, reductionist thinking is the level of mind that created our problems in the first place. This same level of thinking isn’t going to help us solve the countless serious challenges we’re facing.

To truly solve these challenges, we have to shift to a more holistic approach which requires a far higher level of intelligence that’s not limited to linear thought and constrained by the premise of time and space. This sort of thinking is called “holism” and we can only access this level of thinking when we access the intelligence of our heart.

Incidentally, this intelligence of the heart is not some sort of fluffy woo woo new age BS. Scientists have already determined that our heart is far more than a muscle pumping blood around as they have discovered more than 40,000 neurons in the heart. Moreover, there’s more data flowing from our heart to our mind than vice versa. The HeartMath Institute has been researching this for 30+ years with remarkable scientific discoveries which all point to an innate intelligence in our heart that gives us access to an intelligence well beyond the reach of our logical mind.

Will we learn in time?

I believe we will, that’s where awakened leadership comes in. Awakened leadership are those leaders that have cultivated mastery of the intelligence of the heart, thereby gaining access to the level of intelligence we will need to resolve humanity’s greatest challenges.

DM me if you’d like to explore what that looks like.

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Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of Love+Truth & Never Enoughitis