Robert Althuis
3 min readApr 11, 2022
The Artwork Called Kids

I had a chat with my three kids this weekend and it went something like this:

It’s time we move beyond making your bed and putting your dirty dishes in the dishwasher — you guys know that by now, just do it without constant reminders so we can get into the real meat of life when we’re together.

Your only real job the next decade or so is to figure out what your greatest passion is, that’s it.

I promise you, you’ll find all your innate gifts, talents, and superpowers will be perfectly aligned — that’s actually how you know.

You’ll love what you do, never work a day in your life, and the life, joy, and abundance you’ll experience will not only feel effortless but exceed all your wildest dreams.

I actually don’t care all that much about your grades; then again, I can afford to because your badass mom does that enough for the both of us. If you’re smart, you go by her rules also as you know what happens when she’s not pleased.

Just to remind you, her rules for you in order of importance are embody and embrace 1) kindness, 2) health, 3) gratitude, and 4) do your very best in school.

Now, here’s what you need to know. If you do your job I will do mine as your Papi. I will have your back, always, no question asked.

When you fall, stumble, get a little lost along the way, or have your heart or dream fall apart I will be there. I will help you back up, as many times as needed, and remind you how f*cking amazing you are. Don’t tell your mom I used that word please.

I am telling you all this because this is what I wished my dad had told me. He didn’t, he told me life was hard. So, armed with this faulty knowledge I headed down a rabbit hole with no end that I only just crawled out of.

All of that is perfect though, because it allowed me to figure out for myself life is actually magical.

And now, looking over my shoulder from another realm your Opa Elfried cheers me on, he subtly reminds me daily how proud he is I took his deepest wound and alchemized it into pure gold.

And, that gold isn’t me or for me to keep, it’s for you three because you and all your age peers is why I am so optimistic about humanity because you — following your greatest passion — will go on to transform this world into a beehive where all bees have an equal opportunity to flourish.

I am just here to crack open the eggshell of the prison of ancestral wounding so you guys can swim through to the wide open ocean of love, compassion, and living out your wildest dreams with complete devotion to causing no undue harm to others.

So, you do your job and I will do mine as you are without a shadow of a doubt my deepest love and the greatest artwork of my life.

Trust me, they got every word of it because kids are way smarter than we like to believe.

Change the conversation and be mesmerized by the magic that unfolds.

Life is magical.

Love & Truth,




Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of Love+Truth & Never Enoughitis