Robert Althuis
4 min readApr 9

This might seem paradoxical and obtrusive at first, but what you and this entire world craves and needs the most is patriarchy.

No, not the sort of shadow patriarchy we’ve come to equate with all the unconsciousness pulsing through the veins of the collective masculine. I am talking about the sacred patriarchy as within the flawless design of the intelligence of Life itself.

Let me explain.

Men steeped in unconsciousness violate, extract, exploit, rape, pillage, and most of all abuse their power. It’s problematic and at the very root of just about every major challenge facing our planet and humanity today. The physically, emotionally, and economically vulnerable have been desecrated and oppressed for millennia. The Truth can be a bitter tonic.

So, rightfully so, “patriarchy” has become a dirty word and the rallying cry for all those that have found themselves robbed of their innate worth by the oppression of the masculine deeply lost in the sinkhole of unconsciousness.

But, what has become this dirty word has nothing to do with true patriarchy.

As I’ve aged, matured into my role of being a Father of three, and slayed my own countless dragons of unconsciousness I have been blessed with Life teaching me what being a father and man is truly all about. And so, I know what the world craves most because I see it daily in my kids, my ex-wife, my love partner, my extended family, my coaching clients, my business partners, and all other humans who’s lives intersect with mine.

What you crave is feeling a sense of deeply reverent paternal love. A love that’s safe, protective, honoring, noble, respectful, firm, and unwavering. That his words, deeds, and actions are steeped in this paternal love for all of Creation — not just his own blood or inner circle — and that it’s been marinated with a deeply rooted core mission to be of service to the collective in the ways available to him, to be in integrity without fail, and that wherever he goes the weakest and most vulnerable among us are safe.

You crave him to be dangerous, but not a danger.

You crave to see this in every man no matter his role in society. You crave for men to hold other men to this excruciatingly high standard. You’re rightfully agitating against the shadow patriarchy as it’s not your job to hold men accountable; brothers have the duty to hold their own brothers accountable and to teach the young men under their mentorship how to evolve into the sort of honorable man that’s afforded membership of the sacred patriarchy.

You crave for all men in your life to elevate to this level. It’s your deepest longing, as you’ve been unsafe, unloved, and tacitly rendered “lesser than” and so you have had to take matters into your own hand.

To revolt was your only option.

Here’s the tragic rub though, women cannot tear down or overthrow what’s being held in place by men with force. We only have to look at Iran today to see this play out in plain view.

Revolutions take hold when men willing to “die” rally behind the cause. Perhaps this is not a popular view, but it’s steeped in the reality of how history has played out on this planet.

But, this next great revolution is not one of arms, violence, and bloodshed. It’s the shift and rise of consciousness as we’re undeniably in a race to raise human consciousness.

And the arc and evolution of humanity is hinged predominantly on men rising in consciousness, not because they’re better or more important but for the simple fact the historically vulnerable are lightyears ahead. They were forced to evolve, by their oppression and ensuing quest to reach for the oxygenated breath of freedom and sovereignty.

Now, I realize that for many men none of the above makes any sense. Stuck in their logical mind filled with self-serving ideologies the world appears reasonably fair to them.

Let me explain it in the simplest of terms.

Men, as long as your sole aim in life is to leave others behind you, you might feel like you’re winning but the irony would have it you’re running to wrong race.

Shift your aim to how many others you can lift up and push ahead of you. The secret sauce for that is called Love. Learn to make love your superpower and your mere presence will become the balm this world needs the most.

Love everyone and this entire world — including Mother Earth — like they’re all your own children. As within the immutable laws that govern this universe and the intelligence of Life itself, they are.

That is, if you’re ready to know what it means to be an expression of the highest caliber man available within the masculine archetype.

One that’s worthy of admission to the sacred patriarchy.

Make that your aim and see how the mystery of Life itself will reveal all the solutions, readily and willingly as if tuning into a radio channel of higher intelligence.

As we actually have no problems in this world, only unconsciousness unable to see the answers.

It’s that simple.



Robert Althuis

An Ivy league educated executive & successful entrepreneur, Robert is now a sought-after Spiritual Mentor, Speaker, and Author of the book “Never Enoughitis.”